David Baughan

Cuba in Transition

David was born in London and followed his parents to South Africa in the 1960s. He completed a technical degree in photographic arts and sciences before working as a stills photographer on Athol Fugard’s Boesman and Lena. After the movie was completed David started on another movie that was halted by the South African Security Branch and he and the other British technicians were deported.

He returned to England and worked for many years as a freelance editorial photographer in Europe before becoming the Royal Ballet’s photographer for seven years. After leaving the ballet company he began to exhibit his photographs in Europe and then in New York at the 4th Street Photographic Gallery. His work is now held in the Museé national d’art moderne collection in Paris and he has exhibited in most of the major European capitals. David’s recent photographic exhibits include the Chemainus Theatre Festival, Cowichan Theatre, The Old Schoolhouse Arts Centre and ArtSpring on Salt Spring Island, where he now lives. He is also an Equity theatre stage manager, lighting designer and author.

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