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Kirsten Schrader

Kirsten Schrader

Manager, CVRD Arts and Culture Division

“When Winston Churchill was asked to cut the arts to support the war effort, he simply replied, “then what are we fighting for?”

In 2010, Kirsten was appointed Manager of a new Arts and Culture Division for the CVRD. Not only is she responsible for managing theatre operations and bringing in new performances, but also acts as a liaison with local arts and cultural groups to assist with capacity building, event planning and development opportunities. She networks both provincially and nationally to keep the region connected. Her workdays are often extended, as she is also the Vice-President of the Cowichan Valley Arts Council, a board member of the Alliance for Arts and Culture, a board member of Byte Camp Society, and sits on the BC Culture Days Task Force. Her vision and commitment to all her roles is inspiring.

Contact: 250.746.3425 or click here to email

Michael Schafer

Michael Schaefer

Technical Director

“There are few things more rewarding in the arts than facilitating someone else’s creative vision, the relationship between performer and technical is a symbiotic one, each element complimenting the other in the pursuit of artistic magic.”

Mike began his career in 1987. He has honed his technical skills in theatres, festivals and corporate events, and in 2007 became Technical Director. His passion for the arts and for all things technical is obvious whenever he speaks of this world class theatre. He especially enjoys seeing young people engaged in the performing arts. Every big name had a start in a local theatre.

Contact: 250.746.3427 or click here to email

Patricia Greenwell

Patricia Greenwell

Theatre Facilitator

“Knowing I’ve contributed in any way to the success of the shows at the Performing Arts Centre is for me, personally fulfilling.”

Patricia’s lifelong love of live performance germinated early when as a student, she attended a Royal Winnipeg Ballet dress rehearsal. Now, having acquired experience from ‘both sides of the curtain’, she understands the creativity, talent and dedication required to bring a production to the stage, whatever the genre. With a varied communications and administrative background, Patricia brings a combination of experience and passion for Arts and Culture to her role as Facilitator.

Contact: 250.746.3423 or click here to email

Jenny Purslow

Jenny Purslow

Audience Services Supervisor

“This is my dream job. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I love being part of this team.”

Jenny’s enthusiasm for her eclectic mix of roles at the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre has translated into many improvements in the day-to-day running of the administrative office. She supervises a fabulous complement of volunteer ushers, coordinates the Art Gallery and manages the concession, including any hospitality requirements for the performers. Jenny’s organizational abilities have greatly enhanced the tracking of upcoming shows on a shared calendar, scheduling of all the Front of House staff and keeping several events websites updated.

Contact: 250.746.3426 or click here to email

Michele Fry

Marketing Specialist

“The true measure of success in life is not wealth, power or fame ... its laugh lines”

Born and raised right here in the Cowichan Valley, Michele moved to Vancouver after high school to pursue an education and career dedicated to her true passion for all things marketing! For the past ‘ahem’ 25ish years, Michele has worked in radio, newspaper, advertising, education and corporate marketing working on projects that have spanned the globe. Michele has now returned to the Cowichan Valley with her husband to raise their young family. Her commitment to promoting and developing performing arts in the Cowichan Valley extends through her marketing role at the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre but also as a volunteer member of the Cowichan Valley Performing Arts Foundation.

Contact: 250.746.3428 or click here to email

Betsy Burr

Betsy Burr

Ticket Centre Supervisor

“When ‘Hi there, good to see you again’ is the most often heard comment at the Ticket Centre, we know we’re connecting with our patrons.”

As the Ticket Centre Supervisor, Betsy’s duties are many and varied, but mainly she says our goal is to help our patrons find their perfect seat for the most amazing show. She works closely with the Theatre to create and track ticket sales. In conjunction with a friendly and welcoming staff, they not only sell the tickets, but often are called on to answer all kinds of questions about events and more!

Contact: 250.746.3411 or click here to email


David Barton

Assistant Technical Director

“I have worked in other theatres over the years, but this is my favourite place to be.”

The other half of the Performing Arts Centre dynamic duo of ATDs, Dave’s enthusiasm for all things technical, especially lighting, is evidence that he not only loves his job, but the clients and the theatre itself. Dave began working here in 1982 and expects to be part of the technical team for many years to come. This news is welcome relief to the many clients who have worked with Dave and have come to rely on his fabulous lighting designs.

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Ed Lazenby

Assistant Technical Director

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

While many attribute this quote to Socrates, Ed knows it from Sondheim’s musical Company. That begins to tell you something about Ed’s passion and commitment to theatre. One of two ATD’s at the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre, Ed grew up here and was introduced to theatre at a young age, participating in festivals and shows at the very theatre where he now works. After honing his skills on tour in Vancouver and around the world, Ed has returned to the Cowichan Region to raise his own family in the community he loves.

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