Passion and Performance Arts Inc. presents

The Candy Cane Cabaret

Passion and Performance is so excited to be hosting the first Candy Cane Cabaret at the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre! This 19+ show features all styles of dance from hip hop to burlesque with local students from the Cowichan Valley as well as students from Victoria.

Passion and Performance believes that adults can enhance their sensuality and fitness through dance. We hold true to this belief by offering classes with two unique focuses regardless of a dancer's skill level, gender, or age.

If you've never been to a P&P show, you're in for a treat. Think of the show like a rock concert with your friends as the stars. Our audiences cheer, hoot, holler and enjoy a raucous environment while our students tear up the stage.

Please note: our shows aren't for the faint of heart and some routines do have partial nudity.

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