The Joe Cocker Experience

The Joe Cocker Experience was an idea that came together with a passion after hearing Dan Bee sing on stage one night a few years ago. His voice and mannerisms were so much like Joe Cocker's, it made heads spin. At that point it was a matter of building the band around him and after a serious vetting process - 9 musicians came together to form the Joe Cocker Experience.

The Joe Cocker Experience has recreated the band that Joe toured with on his last tour but more specifically the band he toured with in Cologne, Germany on April 22, 2013. The music is all Cocker and sung only as Joe could. Songs like With a Little Help From My Friends, Leave Your Hat On and The Letter, to name a few as well as songs from his last album Fire It Up - which shares the name of his final tour.

The Joe Cocker Experience is everything you would expect from a live performance from the great Joe Cocker, right down to the small details. In addition to bass, drums and guitar, the band has a horn section, 2 keyboard players and 2 female vocalists - who are lead singers in their own right. The production is awesome.

As for the lead singer Dan, no matter where the band plays, after each of performance, the same question is asked, "where d'ya find this guy? He sounds just like'em!"

Don't miss this "all-star" band as they recreate the concert experience of the legendary Joe Cocker.

The Joe Cocker Experience includes:
- Danny Bee: lead vocals (30 years pro)
- Daryl Marklinger: lead guitar (20 years pro)
- Ron McKee: bass guitar (25 years pro)
- Chantal Richard: backing and lead vocals (25 years pro)
- Kristi Kell: backing and lead vocals (25 years pro)
- Rick McDonough: piano/keyboards (40+ years pro)
- Earle Gibson: Hammond organ, keyboards and trombone (38 years pro)
- Steve Jones: sax, percussion, acoustic guitar and vocals (40+ years pro)
- Gerry Pool: drums (40+ years pro)

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