Sean Alistair


My art is a visual journal and memoir of my life. Growing up in a household of artists and musicians the idea of creating was quite ordinary; however like many families there wasn't much additional money to be spent on art supplies. But my supportive parents let me use whatever I could find in the house to create. Mom taught me how to sew, and my Dad taught me how to use his tools. My love for art was realized.

Later I went to Langley Fine Arts which is a fine arts high school in Fort Langley where I studied art with a focus on photography. On a whim during my senior year I took a textiles course where I learned how to embroider, and it was like I finally learned how to communicate. By graduation I won the Hyeon Award for Mastery in their Medium for Embroidery.

Upon Graduation I started a career as a Visual Merchandiser and studied fashion, only working on my art as a hobby. But there was always the yearning to express my point of view. After a very rough patch in my life I realized how import creating art was to me and started to explore with materials. Without schooling, agenda, or even an idea what I was doing I began to create. Then with the image in my head of a field of wildflowers I began to embroider. After almost seven years of not practicing this craft it was like I finally spoke again after being quiet for so long.

My time spent working in fashion has influenced my work greatly. I am constantly inspired by and make reference to the greatest Couture houses. I like to combine my love of nature and material experimentation with the techniques used in Couture. I take the lessons I learned from my adolescence and apply them to each piece.

What's most important to me is that my work lives, it changes with the light, inspires and surprises. I purposely add details or use materials that can only be seen at a certain angles or when the light hits it at that perfect direction.

Cowichan Performing Arts Centre Spring 2019 Brochure