Documentary Film Producer Nick Versteeg presents

A Just Society

A Just Society - the story of our opioid crisis and substance abuse

Canada is one of the riches countries in the world. It rates each year as one of the top countries to live in. So how is it possible that in 2017 in Canada 3,987 people died of opioids related abuse………1399 in British Columbia alone!

This is the question that documentary film producer Nick Versteeg asks in his latest documentary A Just Society. Nick and Geoff Johnson interviewed a wide range of people to let the viewer understand that we are all in this together. This crisis affects all of us.

Nick feels its time that we start dealing with the stigma surrounding substance abuse.

Governments, health authorities, first responders, addiction workers and medical personnel struggle to cope with the opioid epidemic and shocking rise in overdose deaths.

The leaders of this country have to start listening not only to the people on the street but to the people at the heart of this challenge.

Knocking down the walls of silence that keep people from talking about substance abuse is an important step towards addressing the overdose crisis in Canada. Recognizing that people who use drugs are real people helps to put a human face behind the numbers of so many preventable tragedies.

Nick’s goal is to have a frank discussion on stage and questions from the viewers after the showing of the documentary on what we need here in the Cowichan Valley.

Let’s talk about ideas, the entire goal of this documentary is to make the viewer understand that we are all in this together, as all of us want A Just Society.

Donations support Services of the Women's Shelter.

About Nick Versteeg
Nick has been a producer for the past 38 years. He has produced documentaries for the Discovery Channel, A&E, CBC and CTV and ten years for the Food Network in Canada and the US. On the Island Nick is well known for his award winning “ Once Upon a Day Cowichan”, “Resilience”, the story about the Cowichan river. “Seventy One Years” the story about a second world war plane that was found a few years ago and “The History of the Malahat” a comical look at the building of the Malahat Hwy. His last two documentaries on Nepal featured the earthquake in Nepal and the rebuilding two years after.

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